Jeff Pulver - Driving Public Policy Support for VoIP

On Friday, Jeff Pulver had a very welcome post about some unifying efforts underway to create a national framework policy to support VoIP in the U.S.

Jeff has long been active on the public policy front through the VON Coalition, which he founded in 1996. Given all the uncertainty around Pulvermedia these days, it's not clear to me what role Jeff continues to play with the VON Coalition, which operates under its own steam as a non-profit, member supported organization.

Regardless, Jeff is the most public voice for the coalition, and as a blogger, I'm doing my part to get the word out and let you know that they're busy supporting some important work. As Jeff's post notes, they are working alongside several other industry groups, with a common goal to ensure that VoIP gets the regulatory support it needs to remain a vital force of change that benefits consumers and the communications sector as a whole.

There's no call to action here for readers, but it's certainly an important initiative, and now you know. By all means, I'm sure Jeff would love to hear from you if want to get behind this in some way.

As a sidebar, the underlying story here is that Jeff hasn't posted much about VoIP in a while, and it's great to see him doing so! Time will tell if this is a sign of where Jeff is going post-VON, but regardless, let's hope this initiative for a national framework gets a good hearing in the courts.

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