The Case for SIP Trunking - Marc Robins in No Jitter

Colleague and partner Marc Robins has written a nice piece about SIP trunking that ran in No Jitter earlier this week. I just got around to seeing it, and wanted to share it here for a few reasons.

First, SIP is a hot topic on many fronts, and Marc's article does a good job outlining SIP's ascendancy in the voice space. More importantly, he explains how VoIP and IP PBX solutions cannot reach their full potential running off legacy TDM infrastructure. This brings us to SIP trunking, a term that is widely used but poorly understood - which is a key reason for Marc's article. Overall, the article ties these pieces together, and I'm glad to see Marc include some discussion about the limitations of SIP. It's not perfect, and SIP has its share of detractors, but there's little doubt this is where the industry is going.

Second, No Jitter is the online voice of Techweb, which covers a lot of ground in enterprise communications, and pretty much ensures that Marc's article will be widely read. There is lots of good content there, including many familiar bloggers and analysts, so it's a great resource to keep on your radar.

Finally, given that Marc and I are partners in our IP Communications Insights venture, it's always good to support each other when we can. In addition to this activity, Marc serves as Executive Director of the SIP Forum, and his article goes on to explain how their SIPconnect initiative is aimed at addressing some of the challenges around SIP to help enterprises maximize the benefits of migrating to IP.

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