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Am on the go a lot this week, and I'm trying to keep up with my posts as best I can. I was offsite most of the day, and it looks like the tech space is drowning with reviews and blog posts about the iPhone launch, especially here in Canada where we finally get the iPhone legally starting July 11. Well, I didn't tune in to Apple's launch, but have seen enough posts and have spoken with the media a couple of times. But I'm not about to post - enough has been said already, and I really don't have much to add.

What I do want to say here is a shout-out for colleague and fellow blogger Thomas Howe, who is now contributing to Fierce VoIP. Was just speaking with him, and didn't realize until now that he was doing this.

His debut article ran on May 28 and is titled "Congratulate Failure". I for one am glad to see him get a wider forum like this, which will allow Thomas to get his 2.0 message beyond our inner circle of bloggers. His article talks about the recent demise of startup Jangl - many of whom have since gone to work for Jajah. The more important message around which the title of the article revolves is that failure can be a good thing.

In the new world of "Telco 2.0" - or whatever else you want to call it - the name of the game is innovation. I agree with Thomas's view that it's a sign of health that companies like Jangl come and go. Not everyone is going to make it, but if you don't succeed, try and try again. There is tons of opportunity for 2.0 applications, and we'll see lots more failures along the way. But we'll also see lots of successes - some will be ho-hum, but some will be spectacular, and if you follow where Thomas is going, you'll see why it's a great time to be an innovator in telecom.

So, welcome to the publishing fold, Thomas, and I look forward to your upcoming articles!

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