Teleforum - Web 2.0 and Impact on SMBs

Colleague Mike Fox is a local tech/software recruiter, and has recently started doing a series of Teleforums to create some thought leadership around his practice. I'm big fan of this type of outreach, and I've blogged about Mike's teleforums before.

I always seem to have a conflict when these come up, but not this time. So, I'm just putting the word out there that his next teleforum is this Friday - the 30th at 1pm EST. The title is self-explanatory -- Web 2.0: Its Implications and Use In Small and Mid-Sized Technology Firms, so if you're interested in Web 2.0 and what it means for SMBs, this should be time well spent.

Mike's guests will include Eli Singer of Segal Communications - the "exclusive Canadian representative" of Facebook. I'm not what that really means, but I hope to find out on the call. His other guest is Cindy Gordon, CEO and Founder of Helix Commerce.

I'll be on the call, and hope you can join us. To find out more or to register - no charge - just check out this link.

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