Pulvermedia News

I've been away from the blogs most all week, and am just getting a chance to see a few this afternoon. Here's a big one, and at this point, I no doubt am late to the party, but it cannot pass without mention.

In short, yesterday Jeff Pulver announced his resignation from Pulvermedia, which speaks volumes about the state of things since their investors made some drastic moves just after Spring VON.

As far as I know, Jeff still maintains control over Pulver.com, which is a distinct entity, but at this point I can't add anything to the mix. This kind of news takes a life of its own, especially in the blogosphere, and I'm just going to let you draw your own conclusions.

There are too many unknowns and variables to speculate further, and I just hope there's a silver lining in this somewhere. Like you, I'll be watching for news, but whatever comes along, always consider the source. Am sure there's more that we don't know than what we do know, and we may just need to be patient and see what unfolds.

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