Mobile VoIP Review - New Site - Cool Idea

Blogging colleague Garrett Smith has just launched a really interesting site, and is a side venture to what keeps him 110% busy over at VoIP Supply, which is booming in its own right.

His new site is called Mobile VoIP Review. One reason I like it is that the name says it all - nothing obtuse here. Very simply, it's a portal for people to post their own reviews about mobile VoIP services they've been using. There are placeholders there for all the major offerings - Truphone, Mobivox, Skype, iSkoot, Jajah, Fring, Rebtel, etc.

I should add this is very timely with CTIA happening this week!

Definitely a Web 2.0 idea here - let the reviewers provide the content, and if there's enough traction, the site becomes a great magnet for very useful information about these offerings. And of course, if that happens, advertisers will follow, and then Garrett just may have a nice business on his hands.

It's not totally commerce-driven, as there's a very handy FAQ section where the basics of mobile VoIP are explained in plain English (with a few typos along the way). So, the site can also be a vehicle for educating the market, and if this starts to build a following, I can see all kinds of potential for online demos, community building and richer content from across the industry. Plus, the site has a section for comparing mobile VoIP services, which will be quite interesting once it's developed.

So, if you're a mobile VoIP user, the site is open for business, and I'm sure Garrett would love to get your reviews! Great idea, Garrett - not sure if there's anything like this out there, but the time is certainly right.

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