Dimension Data Analyst Day

UPDATE - this post was written on Monday to summarize this analyst event. Due to the unavailability of broadband at our hotel, I'm only now able to get this posted...

Am in Boston for Dimension Data's analyst conference. It's the first time they've held an event like this in North America, and is part of their efforts to become better known here, especially among the analyst community.

Dimension Data is based in South Africa, but is truly a global IT services player, with revenues in the $4 billion range and customers in about 45 countries. They have quite the global footprint, and offer a complete set of solutions to help enterprises do the right things with IT. We've been hearing executive presentations about their full range of capabilities and their vision of how they pull all these services together and create value for their customers.

They're a public company, they're profitable, and are growing fast. Their solutions are heavily based around Cisco and Microsoft, with a lot of integration between them. Over the course of the day, they've been sharing lots of case studies across various geographies and vertical markets. There isn't much they can't do, so it's a great story in terms of what IT services providers need to be doing today to really add value for enterprises.

Was also nice to hear about their recent expansion into Canada. Their presence is small, but growing quickly. I'll certainly be spending more time with them locally once I'm back.

Good time to be here, and a good day to keep our attention. I was here over the weekend, and it's all sports right now. Last night, both the Bruins and Red Sox were playing here, and the street scene around the Fleet Center nearby was a blast. There's hasn't been this level of intensity around the Bruins for ages, and it was great to see a sea of Bruins and Habs jerseys everywhere. Bruins finally beat Montreal, and I think they've solved them, and just might make this a memorable series. Sox beat the Yankees again, so all is good here. And there are no games today, so Dimension Data truly has my undivided attention!

Jere Brown, Americas CEO


Brett Dawson, Group CEO


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