Broadband Not Working in NY Hotel - Ugh!

It's times like these that you realize how dependent we are on broadband. You'd like to think having broadband service - and paid, by the way - not free - would be a non-starter in NYC. I'm at the Dialogic analyst event and we're at the Millennium Hotel in Times Square. It's a pretty upscale place - very New York.

Well, last night I was all set to catch up on my posts, as I had been on the train all day and couldn't post the night before. Keep trying and trying, and then I called the front desk - the service was out for the whole hotel. Ugh! Nobody could get broadband. I finally gave up a bit after 11, and figured I'd just get up extra early and hope things were back to normal.

Well, I'm posting now, so they are. But for someone who tries to post daily, this was a bit of a setback yesterday. Am sure I wasn't the only one trying to get online last night. In the big scheme of things this is no big deal, but it's not something you'd expect to run into here in mid-town Manhattan.

I'm hardly a road warrior, but my minor inconvenience brings me to share a post from uber-blogger Andy Abramson the other day. He's a major league traveler, and his post sheds a lot more light than mine on the trials and tribulations of maintaining connectivity while on the road. Seems to me - and Andy no doubt - that American hotels are definitely lagging the needs of the market, and as an industry vertical, this sector is ripe for innovation. Am sure it's happening, but not quick enough!

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