Max's eComm Chronicles - Show Highlights/iPhone Review

I promise this will be my last post about eComm2008. It may be the best of the bunch, and is definitely the longest, so hopefully worth the wait.

Max had quite the experience joining me during March Break for this conference, and he finally got all thoughts organized for a post on his blog. It's a whopper - almost 6,000 words, but if you want to understand how telephony, disruption, innovation, etc. looks to a 15 year old, then you'll want to read this. There's a great mix of genuine wonder from being part of such a grown-up event, classic teenage attitude, and of course some pretty sharp insights about what all this means to Max. I sure wouldn't have come up with all this stuff when I was 15, but hey - back then, the PC was many years away from even being invented.

Anyhow, aside from him being my son, I think there are a lot of great take-aways here, and I've long felt that our space needs to hear more from the youth market. Based on how quickly Max has integrated the iPhone into his everyday routine, the big idea for me is that teenagers are willing and able to change their behaviors on a dime, and can adapt to new technologies just as quickly. This is a scary thought considering how we love to preach about how mass market innovations will only succeed if behaviors don't have to change. There may be truth to this, but clearly, it doesn't hold across the board.

Lots of food for thought here, and by all means, I encourage you to keep a dialog going here, and if needed, I'll certainly pull Max into the mix.

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