eComm2008 Reprise

Most people I work with are at VON this week, and must be feeling pretty green in the spirit of St. Patrick. Today, Jeff can be an honorary Irishman, and I'm sure he's wearing a green Hawaiian shirt. Any confirmation would be appreciated! :-)

Not wanting to shift the spotlight away from VON - and Voicecon for that matter - I do have some unfinished business to share from eComm. My recent posts provided some written highlights and thoughts, along with a few photos and a video clip of Max's presentation.

I'm going to round out the multimedia coverage of eComm now with some audio and photos.

First, I'll steer you to fellow blogger Ken Camp. He's at VON now, and there's a minute-by-minute summary of his schedule for this week on his blog, so this will be a good place to catch up on the show. Ken regrettably couldn't make eComm, but he did the next best thing via a series of podcast interviews from people who were there. There's a whole bunch of them on his blog, so if you want to hear what eComm was like, have a seat, and give these a listen. I would be remiss if I didn't steer you to the pod he did with me, and if you like that, just keep on scrolling and give the rest a listen.

Second is a photo gallery of Duncan Davidson's shots taken last week. He's posted them to Flickr, and it's a great way to share the experience.

I should also add that the conference was videotaped in HD, and this will be made available soon, along with audio files and the speaker presentations. Lee had a brief post about this yesterday, so watch the eComm blog for updates.

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