eComm2008 - Notes and Photos

Busy, busy. Totally over-stimulated with ideas from the non-stop presentations here at eComm2008. Way too much for anyone to really absorb, so you just try to catch what you can and think a lot about what it all means.

I'd love to comment further - and I will - but right now, about all I can do is share some photos, and say a few things.

Day 2 is just about done, and things are going pretty much to plan. Lee has a very ambitious agenda of speakers, and the pace has been very fast. It's a pretty smart audience, though, and I think everyone is doing a good job of keeping pace. The overall focus is about telecom innovation and re-invention - from 1,000 different directions. Not much here about video or multimedia. Lots of Web 2.0, but not really social networking. It's in the mix, but most of this is about voice and telephony.

Lee's basic thesis is that telecom is dead, and voice is now being reinvented to fit into a hyperconnected, social world. There's not much room here for traditional telcos, so there's lots of dialog about what it all means. Lots of interesting companies here - some are familiar, and many are not. Great forum for broadening your perspective and getting a taste for what's coming. Lots of European speakers - mainly due to Lee's home base - but lots of Canadians too - alright!

I'll have more to say later, but I'm out of headspace right now. Andy Abramson is doing a great job running the press room, and his post today is a handy roundup of the media coverage of the event. Bye...

Welcome to eComm2008


Lee Dryburgh welcoming us and getting things going


Jonathan Christensen, Skype


Martin Geddes and David Isenberg


Thomas Howe


Max and James Body, who just unlocked Max's just-bought iPhone - he's a very happy guy - thanks James!


Mobile Voice Mashups panel that I moderated this afternoon


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