Uber-Users - Cisco has something for you on March 4

I got this very interesting and intriguing link about some big news coming from Cisco on March 4. It's a very slickly produced commercial that shows how web-savvy Cisco is becoming, and it's quite fun to watch.

Since followers of this blog are uber-users - aren't you? - I thought I'd pass this on and do some free advertising for Cisco. They've done a great job putting this together, and it's hard not to spend a few minutes exploring all the messages and visuals, as they build up your interest in what's coming on March 4.

I don't actually know what's coming, and I haven't seen anything about this in the blogs - so either everyone is ignoring it, or you just might be reading about it for the first time here.

Either way, if you're a Cisco watcher and want to see where Network 2.0 is going, you'll want to register for this "event". From the looks of things, Cisco has spent lavishly to build up anticipation, so I'm sure it will be worth tuning in for.

No doubt, Cisco is doing things like this to show how consumer friendly their brand is becoming, and how much of a digital media company they are striving to become. I had a few glimpses of this at their recent analyst conference and there's a lot of Web 2.0 and video driving their business now. They know how to make Telepresence look exciting, and I'm sure this will be along the same lines, but likely on a broader scale.

Anyhow, that's enough speculating for now. Just go the link and see for yourself - and I'll look for you on the call.

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