Miami in January - What's not to like?

This may not mean much if you're in San Diego, but coming from Toronto, Miami Beach sure is a nice change of scene this time of year. Mind you, the weather was crummy here when I got in - cloudy and rainy. Am sure it will be much nicer in the morning.

Anyhow, just a quick note to say that that ITExpo starts tomorrow, and I've got a full day ahead - and for that matter, a pretty busy week. Here's a shot of the view from my hotel window - another hotel! The Sorrento, in fact. But if you look off to the right you can sneak a peek at the surf. Am right at the top of Collins Ave./A1A, so the ocean is very close by.

Sure hope I can find some walk-about time during the show. South Beach is Art Deco heaven, and I'd love to steal a few hours and take some pix. Otherwise, I'll update you on the show as time allows.


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