IP Convergence TV Updates Posted

One of the recent hats I've been wearing is the Portal Editor for IP Convergence TV. We've been doing quite a lot of work recently to get the next major update done, and things went live today. We're steadily building a following, and the content is getting better all the time.

There's quite a bit of new content there, some we've had ready for a while, and some that's fresh from last week's IT Expo. If you're interested in what we cover - IPTV, VoIP, FMC and IMS - then I think you'll find our updates very worthwhile.

Here's a short-form list of the new content that's there now:

- 2 video interviews I conducted at the show last week - Greg Galitzine of TMC, and Matt Lukens of Comverse. I did 10 interviews at the show, and the others will be posted in due time.

- 4 new Guest Opinion pieces, all from strong voices in their spaces - Ike Elliott, Markus Goebel, Bob Emmerson and David Hattey. Our roster of contributors continues to expand, and there are more new voices coming soon.

- 2 new feature articles - 1 from BEA and 1 from Comverse

- a few recent posts from me on the Convergence Blog, including my review of the IPTV roundtable I hosted last Friday

As always, I'd love to hear your feedback on the portal, as well as suggestions for new content any time.

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