Bloggers 1, Rest of World 0

On last week's post about Test the Nation, I posed the question - are Bloggers smarter than Backpackers? Turns out it was the right question to ask, and it turns out to be true, at least according to Test the Nation. Among the 6 teams competing on last night's show, we came out on top - whooo hooo - and those pesky Backpackers came in second. Take a hike, guys. We may be pale and enjoy the great indoors, and some of us have never kissed a girl, but on this stage, we da man......

It took a lot to give up a Sunday afternoon/evening to do this, especially with the Patriots game, but this sure was a fun experience and definitely worthwhile. Got to meet some other interesting bloggers, and it turns out that the guy who got me into this - Rick Spence - came away the big winner. He had the top score of everyone on the show, acing 57 of the 60 questions - way to go Rick! He won a great travel package worth $5,000, and I think the first word out of his mouth was "Disneyland!"

Live TV is such a bizarre experience, and the CBC knows how to do this very well. The show definitely has a fun format, and I can see more of the same for all kinds of variations on the theme - hockey players, gardeners, cops, robbers, etc., etc.

Anyhow, before the show we spent a lot of time hanging around doing nothing, and without the celeb look-alikes, it would have been pretty dull. Not much of a crowd around the cabbies or chefs, but the faux celebs were more than happy to have our attention and preen for the camera on a moment's notice. Why not?

So, here's a taste, courtesy of my Nokia N95.....



A bit like a seating plan at a wedding - nothing left to chance here - turn your gadgets OFF...


Oh, be-have.....


The pride and joy of the UK - Austin, Mick and a not-so-convincing Keith


Mick and Pamela - let's spend...some time together...


Borat and Shania Twain - very nice......


Kiss and their willing starlets - Pamela, Shania, Shakira and Paris - is that hot or what???


The Odd Couple - Man-Cher (and maybe a little bit of Howard Stern on acid) and Drew Cary


Down home country heaven - Elvii - husband and wife Elvis team, and Shania. The King was not happy last night - no peanut butter sandwiches in the dinner buffet....


And the best for last! A healthy dose of reality - Rick Spence, all smiles with the Test the Nation cup awarded to our team. Bloggers rule.......


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