Fall VON - Reprise/More Photos

Just a quick reprise on Fall VON. Wanted to post these yesterday, but it was a travel day and things were just too hectic. All told, VON was good as usual, and they added some new twists to make the format more interactive, which was great. There were some new exhibitors, especially for video, but you had to go a bit off the beaten track to find them. That's half the fun, of course, and hopefully there will be more of the same in future shows. For example, social networking is high on Jeff's agenda - for lots of good reasons - but it's not really a market yet in terms what you might see on the show floor. I'm sure that will change soon enough.

Below are some additional photos from yesterday, courtesy of my N95.

My Skype mobility session. We had some fun with this one, and Jim Courtney added some impromptu commentary to set the stage for the speakers. In honor of Halloween, Jim wore his Bruins jersey, and I kept pace with my Red Sox cap. Joining us were Helen Khais (Shape), Stephane Marceau (Mobivox), James Brody (Truphone) and Samuel Li (iSkoot). Thanks to Communicano's Michelle Surya for taking these shots.


John Macario from Savatar sharing some SMB IP telephony research findings


View of the show floor and press room from up high


Boston really is a city of small neighborhoods - there's a human scale here you don't find in other big American cities.


The Hancock Tower - next to the Prudential Tower, Boston's tallest building. It's very famous for its flat and angular design, as well as the reflecting windows that make the building a mirror for the cityscape around it. Very neat.


Looking up the face of the builing, this sure is a great study in planes and geometry. The facing is perfectly flat, and if you look up to very top, the horizontal line of the building's roof becomes the left vertical plane of the photo. The N95 does a pretty good job here, but you can imagine how cool this effect would be with a wide angle lens.


Lucky me, I had a meeting way up high and had a fantastic view of the city. First photo is of the Boston Common and Public Gardens, and the cityscape surrounding the greenery. Second photo is looking more towards the South end of the city and if you look closely to the right, you'll see the BCEC - then venue where VON took place.


Finally - couldn't resist. Flying atop the flag pole of the original Hancock building is a Red Sox World Series banner. I have no idea how it got there, and I sure don't want to be the guy who has to get up there to take it down!


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