VON Notes - Day 3

Had a chance to walk the show floor and take in some sessions today. The good news is that all the sessions I saw were very good. Speakers were great and the content was interesting, especially for the Innovator's Track/Unconference. Included in this mix was the Skype mobility session that I moderated this morning. I thought we had a great mix of speakers, and the session was both well attended and highly engaged. Can't ask for more than that.

The only real downside is the anxiety of knowing that I missed many other sessions I wanted to see, and many others I probably would have enjoyed had I dropped by. I'm certainly not the only one with this view, and as we move closer to a 2.0 world, maybe all the sessions will be videotaped, either for live broadcasts, or archived for later viewing. The technology is there, and there's got to be a way to do this that doesn't dilute the value proposition for those who attend in person. As Jeff said in his keynote yesterday, anything is possible, and I'll agree with that.

Last day is tomorrow, but it's a travel day for me. I hope to have a final post about VON then, including a few photos taken from today's sessions, including my Skype mobility panel.

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