Next Stop - BroadSoft Connections

It's in-between time for me in terms of the two major IP communications shows I usually attend this time of the year - TMC's ITExpo and Pulvermedia's Fall VON. I've got plenty of client work keeping me busy and I'm not trying to travel too much.

For now, I've got one travel event of note lined up during this time period, and it's a good time for me to put it on the blog. About 10 days from now, I'll be attending the BroadSoft Connections 2007 event in Phoenix. I've been once before, and they really do a great job. Am looking forward to catching up with their team and getting a close look at their roadmap.

BroadSoft is one of those companies that has stuck to their plan, and it's working quite well for them. If I had to pick an IPO-in-waiting in our space for 2008, they'd have to be at the top of the list, so this should be an especially good time to go.

I love going to industry events, but I enjoy attending vendor events almost as much. I've been lucky to get invites to several of these, for both Tier 1s and Tier 2s, and I always come away feeling the time was well spent. I'm sure Connections will be no different, and what's not to like about Phoenix? Hey, they may even still be playing baseball then.

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