IP Convergence TV Portal - Launching Tomorrow

IP Convergence TV has its full launch tomorrow - October 25. The soft launch was last month, and based on the feedback, it's been improved on a few fronts.

It's a busy week leading up to Fall VON, but I think IP Convergence TV merits some attention of its own. If you're following IP convergence trends - primarily VoIP, FMC and IPTV - I'm sure you'll find something of interest here.

This is a non-profit initiative, so it's not a pay-for-play portal. The sponsors contribute thoughtful content, and in return, the portal provides a platform to share their views. Lots going on here - video interviews, podcasts, opinion pieces by thought leaders like Thomas Howe, white papers, and articles.

I'm in the middle of all this, serving as the Community Advocate and Portal Editor. So, I'm doing my part here to spread the word, and urge you visit the site and sign up for regular updates.

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