BroadSoft Connections 2007 - Podcast w/Scott Wharton

Day 2 of the Connections event was as good as Day 1, but I don't really have much to add in terms of impressions or conclusions. Just more of the same. The event has been really well run, and the caliber of speakers and content has been great. Seems like a good sense of balance and community among service providers and vendors, and BroadSoft looks to be doing things right, and giving back in nice way by putting on such a good event.

I did a podcast with Scott Wharton, BroadSoft's VP of Marketing, and his comments amplify a lot of what I've been saying here, as well as exploring more about the theme of this year's event - Scaling Up.

You can download the file here. It's about 6 minutes long.

You can also download it from my website and listen from there. Comments are welcome!

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