AT&T Global Services - Canadian Expansion

This afternoon I attended an Analyst and Media Roundtable with execs from AT&T Global Services. They are launching some new services for the Canadian large enterprise market this week, and I'll have another post about that in a day or so.

Today's session provided a pretty good overview of the scope of what AT&T Global Services has to offer, and when you're talking about providing global services to global companies, you come away with a greater appreciation of what goes into building and running a giant network like theirs.

I was especially impressed by the range of services they have around security and how complex this area is, particularly in terms of Web-based threats. Until today, I had no idea that there are cyber hackers out there who literally extort ransom money from large companies in exchange for not unleashing a destructive virus, worm, etc. to crash their network.

Pretty interesting stuff, and in the noisy world of open source, Web 2.0 and SaaS, it's easy to forget that the job of running large scale networks is much harder than it looks, and AT&T isn't the world's largest networking company for nothing.

AT&T management team - Jay Plummer, Andrea Messineo, Steven Taylor, Stan Quintana


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