Susan Stearman Hangs Out Her Shingle

Just a quick shout-out to welcome a colleague to the world of independent consulting.

I've known Susan Stearman for a number of years, particularly from her days at Envivio and NetCentrex. She definitely knows the convergence and video spaces, and she's put the word out to launch her indie practice.

The word went out today for SMStearman Group, where Susan's focus is on B2B - business-to-business (something I've done for 20 years) marketing consulting, with a particular focus on emerging media technologies. Her practice will provide services such as go to market strategies, product management and corporate communications.

These are definitely things that up and coming companies need and are in short supply of, so I'll tip my hat to Susan, and say that I think you've got a pretty good niche to serve. The website provides more detail, but being fresh out the gate, the content is limited - but no doubt, that will change over time.

So, with that, I'd like to welcome Susan to my world, and wish for all the best. If her focus speaks to your needs, by all means, drop her a line.

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