Ooma Revisited

Just a short post to say my review of Ooma the other day has received attention, and a number of interesting comments were left there by readers.

Wanted to follow up with a post from yesterday that cited my post as well as another post - from another Jon - with a contrary view of Ooma. Great to see both sides there, although the poster doesn't do much more than say what each of us said. I don't know this blog - Steal This VoIP - but thanks for doing this.

I also got an email from David Beckemeyer, who brought PhoneGnome to market over two years ago. I'm not going to share the details here, but David rightly points out there's not much new here, as PhoneGnome was basically offering all these things for a quarter of the price. So, I stand corrected, David, if I gave the impression here that Ooma came up with this stuff first. They certainly did not, and to be fair, my post was a product review, plain and simple. I didn't see that as the place to provide a broader perspective, since I had already done that in a previous post.

It's important to share that point from David here, because PhoneGnome really is a good product and was out there way before Ooma. I did note this in my initial post about Ooma, along with citing David's own comments about this.

On the other hand, if you had only read my review, I can see how readers would not pick up on this. So, to be clear, Ooma did not invent all this stuff, and if you're curious, feel free to read my review of PhoneGnome from two years ago.

Comparing the merits of PhoneGnome versus Ooma is a different conversation, but not here or now. Thoughts?

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