Iotum Wants Your Voice on Facebook

I had fun putting my Ooma review together yesterday, and was worried it would get lost in the overdrive coverage Iotum has received on its just launched voice conferencing application for Facebook.

I'm not Facebooking - but will be quite soon (getting too many invitations not to be doing this)- so I'm pretty oblivious to all the buzz around this. Facebook for business is THE craze right now, and in our world, I think Jeff Pulver has been a big driver of this. Once he made this his de facto social networking tool in favor of LinkedIn (which I still use and like), well, everyone gets on that train pretty fast.

Anyhow, I can't really comment on Iotum's application since I'm not on Facebook, but I certainly get it. Totally makes sense, and I think they're smart to jump on this and become the conferencing app for Facebook. I know Iotum has been working very hard lately to point their business in this direction, and anyone following my blog will know they've been courting success for a long time. Conferencing is very much a hi volume/low margin business, but hey, everyone except me seems to be doing Facebook, so the volume is there. Iotum is very much a "2.0" company, and Facebook is a 2.0 tool - but voice conferencing is still pretty 1.0. I sure am rooting for Iotum on this one, and I have no doubt they'll find ways to make this a 2.0 experience, and along with it, hopefully some good margins.

If you're on Facebook, you really should give this a try - you can try it out yourself now for free - just go to Iotum's site, and you're on your way.

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