Telepresence Podcast with Teliris and BT Quarterly

I recently posted about a podcast I did with Teliris on telepresence for Business Trends Quarterly. I've become a contributor to this publication, and I urge you to subscribe if you're interested in reading what analysts are thinking about various technology trends.

In my previous post about this, I cited the transcription of my written Q&A with Mark Trachtenberg, the CEO of Teliris, which ran in their Q2 issue. We also did a feature-length podcast, which has been produced and is posted now on the BTQ website. You need to be a member to download this, but that just takes a minute, and it's free. You can find the link on this page, and from there, it won't take long to access it. If you're following telepresence, I think you'll find Mark's perspective very interesting. I hope you give it a listen, and I'd love to know what you think.

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