VoIP Peering Gets a Good Boost

I don't often pick up on news items, but this was a good announcement that came from the VON Europe event this week. I've been following the VoIP peering space for some time, and am an Advisor to XConnect, one of the leading advocates for VoIP peering. Despite my close connection there, I think their latest news is worth noting.

They've issued a joint announcement with Telcordia to integrate and share their ENUM registry services. This isn't the first time such developments have occurred, but it is notable given Telcordia's stature in the telecom business. These are the kind of initiatives that will hopefully get VoIP peering higher up the priority list for Tier 1 carriers. Adoption continues to grow among the smaller carriers - not just with XConnect, but the other VoIP peering entities, such as Arbinet and Stealth. This is great for building a base, but the real payoff for everyone in this space is when the Tier 1s - telcos or cablecos - get into the picture. It's still a ways off, but players like Telcordia make this a more likely scenario.

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