TSX Venture 50 - 2 Companies to Watch

Yesterday, the Globe & Mail published a report on the TSX Venture 50. This is one of Canada's key junior exchanges, and, as the article states, serves as a pretty good "farm system" for Canada's big board exchange, the TSX.

If I had just seen this article online, I wouldn't be blogging about it. However, I'm old school, and I still read the morning papers! While the articles in this report were published online, the detailed breakdown of the Top 50 was not. This too, may not have caught my eye, had I not seen a blog post about Sangoma making the Venture 50 the day before.

Colleague Ken Camp ran a press release from Sangoma's website about this, and it was great to see an American blogger pick up on this. Ken is actually a great supporter of Sangoma and several other Canadian companies, and often runs posts about things going on up here I haven't heard about. However, he couldn't possibly have seen the Globe's report, so I couldn't expect him to cite their story. As you'll see in a moment, he's sharing a good news story, but there's more to talk about in this report.

So, aside from Sangoma making the Venture 50, there was a second company on the list that has recently fallen into my orbit. It's Calgary-based Immersive Media. I just came across them recently - really interesting company, most notable being the work they do for Google. These are the guys driving up and down every street in your town, taking 360 degree photos of everything in sight for Google. Who knew - Calgary? There's a lot of good stuff going on up here, folks. I've done a few things with Sangoma already, and now I'm working on getting connected to Immersive, and I hope to do a podcast with them soon. Stay tuned.

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