Fireman 3.0 Reviews - Video and Text

For a variety of reasons, all kinds of neat products and gadgets find their way to me, and one of the recent ones is Fireman 3.0. This is a software package for burning CDs and DVDs, made by a company called Honestech - all of which is new to me. This is not something I would ever use, but my oldest son, Max is the perfect person to try this out. He's been test driving it for the past little while, and has done not one, but two reviews.

First is his written review, which you can read off his blog.

The second review is video-based, and is the second broadcast in our weekly series called Teen Tech Reviews, on We put this together earlier in the week, but I haven't had a chance to post about it until now. Hope you enjoy it.

Looks like the PR folks for Fireman 3.0 have been getting the word out to the bloggers. Fellow blogger Alec Saunders posted his review today - talk about being on the same wavelength! His review was quite positive, and interestingly, both Alec and Max referred to Fireman 3.0 as a Swiss army knife. Must be a pretty versatile product!

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