Wednesday - Part 1 - Microsoft Canada Analyst Day

Had a pretty full day yesterday, and I've got 2 posts about it, plus a backlog of posts coming after that.

I was at an analyst day with Microsoft Canada yesterday, along with a handful of other analysts on their radar. It was a very informative session, and they took us through a series of presentations outlining their roadmaps, especially around "Telco 2.0".

Not much new there for me, but it was good to spend this amount of undivided time talking/listening/thinking/learning about all the pieces of the IP communications puzzle that Microsoft is addressing as well as trying to pull together. Lots of focus on Unified Communications, IPTV, mobility, and Microsoft's reach across all the screens we use everyday - computer, TV and mobile phones. Was also fun talking about the "other guys", and how Microsoft competes against them - Google, Cisco, IBM, Apple, etc.

Nothing radical to report, but on the lighter side, I thought I'd share the one hiccup to our day. Of course, this has happened to all of us, but we had a hangup getting the projector to work for one of the presentations. It took quite some time to get this glitch solved, and I thought it was pretty funny having a room full of industry analysts and Microsoft folks, and nobody really having a clue what to do.

How many analysts does it take to fix a technical problem? I'm sure if I called my son Max, he'd have been down there in a flash and fixed it in no time.....


Microsoft insisted this was a hardware problem.... :-)


Fixed! On with the show....


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