We're Doin' TV Now - Teen Tech Reviews Debut

Some things take longer than others, and this is one of them. For a while now, I've been wanting to get a video-based series of tech reviews going with Max, my 14 year old uber geek son. He's written product reviews for me, has his own blog now, has a PC-building business and website, and now we're doing the video thing. We've titled the series Teen Tech Reviews.

The idea is to share how teenagers use and experience technology and gadgets in their own words. I'm a big believer in giving them a voice, and this is one way to do it.

There are lots of ways to do video posts, and for this series, I'm using BlogTV.ca. Why? Well, first, they're based here in Toronto, and I've been following them since attending their launch back in February. Their service has some unique elements that I think are neat, and are not offered this way yet in the U.S. To find out more about BlogTV.ca, please refer to an earlier post as well as a podcast.

Yesterday, Max and I put our first video review together, and the topic was the Nokia N800. It's a web-friendly tablet device that does a whole lot of really cool things. Bloggers like Ken Camp and Alec Saunders have provided terrific reviews on their blogs, but I wanted to do one with Max, and I'll bet he's the only teenager out there doing a review of this device. He's also in the process of doing a written review on his blog, and I'll pass that along when it's ready.

So, here's the review, which you can find on the Techno Gadgets channel on BlogTV.ca. If you have time, you should have a look around their site. As you'll see, it's an interesting mix of "TV" and video blogging. It's TV in the sense that the posts are broadcast live, so you have to do your stuff in one take - which we did no problem. The broadcast is archived, so it's also there for people to watch at a later date, and I hope you'll do that! The review runs about 8 minutes, and if you can't open the clip below, here's the direct link. The volume is on the low side, but if you access it directly from the site, it plays louder. We've got a few kinks to work out here, and future segments should only get better.

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