SightSpeed Getting More Recognition

If you're a SightSpeed follower - as I am - you'll be happy to know that a good thing continues to get better. They recently released version 6.0 and have branched out with distinct offerings for home and business use. You don't have to look far from the cadre of bloggers who have posted about 6.0 as well as Vlip, their social networking tool for video bloggers. And if you need help finding them, SightSpeed is very much in the camp of those who get it with bloggers, and they provide links to blog citings about them in the Press section of their site.

Today's news continues the trend, and should really help win them a broader following. PC World magazine just published its Top 100 Products of 2007, and SightSpeed ranked #21. That's a pretty strong endorsement, and adds to other recent awards and industry kudos, which further validates that they're on the right side of the curve for PC-based video applications. And if you don't believe me, you can read what their CEO, Peter Csathy, has to say on his blog. Peter has become a good blogger in his own right, and is the best example I know of for an executive who blogs regularly, and actually blogs well. I'm a fan.

Just a quick sidebar comment about the Top 100 list. So interesting to see who's leading the pack. Google is #1 with their business "Apps" offering - which itself should be a very scary proposition for all the telecom vendors, especially the PBX crowd.

Overall, Apple has the most mentions with 6 - not a huge surprise there - but Google is right behind with 5. Maybe not a surprise there either, but it sure speaks loudly to how far Google has come, and how fast they're moving. Microsoft had 3 mentions and Yahoo had 2, but nothing for IBM and nothing for Cisco. Nice to see Skype's version 3 on the list at #38. It's just a list, but I think it says a lot about how the balance of power is shifting out there.

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