Nokia N800 Blogger Program and BlogTV

There's a lot of "blog" in the title of today's post, and for good reason.

Earlier this week, I posted about my first videocast on This was the launch of a weekly video series called Teen Tech Reviews that I'm doing with my son Max. Our first review was for the Nokia N800, and while the production values are pretty low, I think Max did a great job explaining what this gadget means to a 14 year old.

Canada is a small country, and is still basically a social networking experiment, so it's hardly a household name. However, people are watching our review, and it's now become a "Featured Broadcast" on the site. Whoo hoo. Once we sort out our production challenges, things will only get better.

The second blog element to this post is the Nokia blogger relations program that has been developed by Andy Abramson. I've posted about this program several times, and simply wanted to cite here that our video review has been posted to the N800 blog site. Hopefully this will make for some good cross-pollenization between these two "blogging" entities.

Finally, I just wanted to come back to BlogTV for a moment, as I see that Jeff Pulver had a post yesterday about BlogTV, drawing attention to its Israeli roots, and the fact that was launched in Canada several months before its recent launch in the U.S. So, anyone out there wondering what all the fuss is about should read Jeff's post, and spend more time here for the Canadian experience.

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