ANPI AGM Highlights

Just got back from the 2007 AGM for ANPI - Associated Network Buying Partners. I posted about this earlier, and I was there speaking on a panel about trends in the VoIP market, and how they're impacting independent operators. ANPI represents about 400 of these carriers, so they have a lot of buying power in the rural market. Very interesting market, with all kinds of challenges, and I was one of the people there to tell them about all the opportunity they have before them. I really enjoyed being part of this, and ANPI put on a very nice event.

I'm not going to pass on details of the presentations, as it is a members-only group. Fair enough, but I'll just say that the carriers I spoke with have a pretty good understanding about how the market is changing, and I wouldn't be at all surprised to see some of them adopt some of the newer technologies in a creative way.

What I will do, though is share some photos of the event and our surroundings, which were just great. Here's my N93 doing its thing...


Dave Lewis, ANPI's CEO


Jonathan Askin - Pulvermedia - very thought provoking keynote


San Diego - what's not to like....




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