Vonage - I Made the Right Call - This Time, Anyway

Well, as it stands this afternoon, I made the right call about Vonage. Yesterday - and previously - I said Vonage would win, and so far, that's how it's turning out.

Vonage has wasted no time issuing a press release about getting a permanent stay, so they're free to continue signing up new customers, and doing "business as usual".

Investors are pretty happy, as their stock price has zoomed up 49% so far, up to $4.30 or so. Good time to buy - or sell? Depends on your timelines and greed factor, I guess.

Actually, I'll just comment that I hope Vonage DOESN'T go back to "business as usual", as Jeff Citron has been saying. That's exactly what's gotten them into this mess - they need to be doing business as UNusual. I've been talking to BusinessWeek about this today, and have been saying they have two very valuable assets right now - customers and cash. You got those two, and you should have a successful business. Seems to me they need to deploy these resources very differently now - not just to keep what they have, but to intelligently build on this going forward.

All I can say now is that they need some radical thinking to get this business right. To me, Verizon's case may be the best thing that's happened to them - it's a major wakeup call, and I don't think they'll get a second chance like this again.

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