Microsoft One Care Review - and Max Arnold's Blog

I've got a backlog of posts like this I'm trying to get done - product reviews, both by me, and my oldest son, Max.

I've posted reviews by Max before, but he's leapfrogged me, and recently started his own blog, which I must say is quite good. So, this is really two posts in one. First, it's a review of Microsoft OneCare, from a 14 year old's point of view. Microsoft has been involving me in some of their launches - including OneCare - and as a result, I've been using some of their products for review. Max has been using OneCare longer than me, so he's reviewed it first.

Secondly, I'd like to welcome Max to the blogosphere, and encourage you to read him. He's on my blog roll now, and all RSS feeds would be welcome as he's trying to generate some traffic. Stay tuned for his upcoming reviews of the Nokia n800, and later the N95 (mine too).

Plus, our long-discussed video blog is coming very soon, where Max and I will be doing tech reviews on We'll keep you posted.

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