MetaSwitch Customer Forum - Day 2

Lots of good sessions yesterday, with various product and strategy roadmaps from MetaSwitch's executive team. What happens in Orlando stays in Orlando, so that's all I'm going to say about that. The only thing I'll share with you is that MetaSwitch has some forward thinking ideas about new applications and how they are supporting their customers. Their UC9000 conference server is a sign of things to come, and there was a public announcement about their MarketVisions initiative, which I think is a great idea. You can read more about it in the press release.

Otherwise, I'll let my Nokia N93 cameraphone do the talking. Vendor exhibits were a nice feature too, and the traffic was really strong.

Got one more post coming from the party last night - stay tuned.


Andy Randall, John Lazar

Exhibiting vendors - MetaSwitch, Minerva and a couple of Canadians - Aastra and Soma.





Empty cans - no particular reason - just liked the way they looked sitting there on a tray...


For 5 minutes I got to be a nature photographer. Check out this Gecko (I think that's what it is) perched on a tree. Very neat...


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