Spring VON - Good Even 2,000 Miles Away

I noted yesterday how I'd like to be at Spring VON, but it's not working out for me this time around. Doesn't mean I can't experience it vicariously, and it's never been easier. It's not hard to find blog accounts of what's happening there, and I'll steer you to Andy's posts. He's got a great beat on the comings and goings, and from all accounts, there's tons going on - no surprise there.

The best part of VON shifting so much towards video is the ability to follow some of the sessions by video. While you can't see everything this way, this is definitely a sign of things to come, and it's a great way to get a window on what's being presented during the sessions. As video and disruptive broadcasting picks up momentum, I'm sure that future VONs will have increasingly richer video coverage, and will ultimately allow a broader audience to experience what VON is about. Perhaps this could be a template for how conferences will evolve.

Of course, you have to be there to experience what's happening on the show floor, between the sessions and all the offsite events, and that's the part I miss the most. I'll have to wait til the Fall for that, I'm afraid, so for now, I'll be following things virtually.

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