Pulver 100 - 2007 List is Published

The Pulver 100 is one of those lists that vendors point to for recognition and validation in the IP communications space, and the 2007 edition was just posted this morning on Jeff's blog.

It's a good barometer of how the industry is evolving, and how Pulvermedia's focus has been changing as well. There are lots of familiar names who have been on this list many times, but some of them don't strike me as "companies to watch in 2007". I'm not going to name companies, but I doubt I'm the only person to draw this conclusion.

On the other hand, there are lots of new names there, mostly in the disruptive broadcasting space, as well as mobile applications. Notable ones to mention - in no particular order - include DiamondWare, Iotum, Sling Media, Revver, Rebtel, Mino Wireless, Truphone, Abbeynet, GrandCentral, TalkPlus, SightSpeed, Soma Networks, iSkoot, Jajah and Brightcove.

Speaking of DiamondWare, this is a really interesting company, and I have a post coming about them this week. I have it on good account that I'm the first person they've briefed, so stay tuned.

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