My Dinner with Thomas - Mr. Mashup


If you've been following my blog, I posted the other day about colleague Thomas Howe, and his impressive ETel win last week in the Telephony Mashup Contest. Whoo hoo!

Well, for all my supportive posts - and being the first blogger to share the good news - I said dinner was on him if he won. After all, he did change our plans to meet here in Toronto when he found out his entry had been accepted. So, he went, he won, he came here last night, and as you can see from the photo, we had dinner. Now everybody's happy. Thanks Thomas!

Being an Engineer, Thomas is more tech-centric than me, and he's already posted about our dinner - just thought I'd share that. Glad he did, coz now I don't have to get into how cold it was last night. Next time, Thomas, either wear a winter coat, or come up when the weather is nicer! :-)

I should just add that we talked about a lot of things, and I think you can expect to hear more interesting developments on the mashup front from Thomas soon. On that note, he's contributing an article on mashups for the newsletter I'm putting together with Marc Robins, which we hope to have ready very soon. We also plotted out what we think is the right strategy for a startup we're both keen on - Flat Planet Telephone Company. We'll keep that to ourselves just for now...

Nice to see some validation on Thomas's mashup - The After Hours Doctor's Office - on Russell Shaw's blog today. Same for Garrett Smith on his post yesterday, Andy Abramson too, and Ken Camp from last week. Others as well, but you get the idea.

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