Microsoft Canada's OneCare Launch

This afternoon I participated in a roundtable about Microsoft's recent launch in Canada of OneCare, their all-in-one PC security solution.

I've had a copy to use here on our PCs, and it's a pretty good product. I'm not doing a product review in this post, but in short, Microsoft brings a lot of good features and functionality in one product, and I think the overall value proposition will resonate well with both consumers and SOHOs.

I was there to speak about the overall trends related to PC security, and was joined by Sumeet Khanna and Bruce Cowper of Microsoft Canada, along with Gemma Moore, who is a SOHO user of OneCare. We provided various perspectives to the media, and this should help get broader coverage about OneCare's availability, and raise more awareness of the various issues around PC security. Lots to talk about here, but will have to save that for another post.


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