Blogdesk Meme - My Turn

Well, I'm not into the chain-letter thing, but this will be quick. Our man in Italy, Luca, started this on Saturday, and it's come to me via Moshe Maeir (the Flat Planet guy!). He's invited me, Thomas Howe and Garrett Smith to keep it going, and now I have to find a few bloggers to tag. Thomas has done his duty, and now I've done mine.

As you can see, it's just a desk. Not sure what you're expecting. I think the view from my window is more interesting! I'm not a gadget guy - otherwise I would have taken a more detailed photo with less contrast from the daylight to show them off. It's just what you see. As requested, my phone is a simple, 2 line classic Nortel handset. It's actually made by Aastra, who make these phones now - in Mexico, of all places. I use 2 VoIP lines - Vonage and Primus, and that's what the routers behind the phone support - plus the wireless signal for the notebooks everyone else around here uses.

Got a basic Toshiba Satellite notebook, and my old-school daytimer. That's about it. If you know me, you'll know that I also use the Nokia N93 for mobile. But frankly, I'm at my desk all day long, so the cell phone is really just used as a camera. And my RIM sits gathering dust by the filing cabinet until I need it, which is only when I travel to go to conferences.

I wish it was more exciting, but 95% of my day is either email or writing, so my world is about my notebook more than anything else.

Now, who am I going to pass this meme along to???

Update - I've now tagged Marc Robins, Dan York and Jim Courtney. Let's see what comes back.


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