Top 25 VoIP Startups to Watch

How's that for a headline to grab your attention? It sure got mine.

VoIP News published such a list on Monday, and I just wanted to draw it to your attention, in case you haven't seen it yet. Others have posted about this already, but it's not that time-sensitive, and is still worth talking about, so here we are.

So, whether you're a vendor, a carrier or a banker, there will be something of interest here for you.

I'm familiar with many of the companies on this list - but not all - so it's a good reference point to learn about some new names. In particular, it's great see startups that I've been closely following, many of whom have been cited on my blog - namely.... FirstHand, Iotum, TalkPlus, Whaleback Systems, JaJah, iSkoot, Rebtel, Tello and TruPhone. And if you're looking for others who didn't make their list, there are some interesting suggestions in the Comments section as well as those left at the DIGG link for the article.

Am not exactly sure of their definition of a startup (is SunRocket really a startup?), or what constitutes VoIP (it's not explained), but here are some others to consider - Talkster, Diginiche, Voxlib, NewStep Networks, Objectworld, and Digital Fairway. There's a bunch of others in video as well as social networking/new media, but I think those spaces are beyond the scope of what VoIP News is covering. I'll leave that for someone else to tackle.

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