SightSpeed Getting Out There

SightSpeed is one of those companies I follow regularly, and they had some interesting news today. "The SightSpeed Guy", Peter Zotollo, has been picked up by DirecTV for a bigger video gig. Peter has been producing "News of the Day" posts on YouTube, as well other video activities at SightSpeed, and now DirecTV is going to use him to host a show of their own called "The Fizz Newzz".

For more detail, fellow blogger Ken Camp had a good post earlier today.

I think that's great for Peter and great for SightSpeed, and it's great to see that the likes of DirecTV are picking up on things like this. I'm sure we'll be hearing lots more of these cyberstar stories as people looking for new talent find people waiting to be discovered. Nothing new there, of course, but it's neat to see how the video space is already becoming a proving ground for what may become the video stars of tomorrow.

It also validates SightSpeed's technology, and the ability to produce high quality video from the desktop, which is where Peter will be producing his Fizz Newzz vidcasts from. He does his clip from his desk, emails it off to the producers, and, back to his day job. This opens up all kinds of possibilities for remote production, and I'm sure this is just the beginning. Aside from supplying some of the talent in Peter, SightSpeed has got to be pretty happy about the role their technology can play to help make this happen. Things can only get better from here.

Oh - Peter - if you need VoIP analysis, baseball commentary and music reviews, I've got my webcam right here....

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