Welcoming 2 (Relatively) New Bloggers

Just a quick note to acknowledge that two people I'm a big fan of have recently starting posting on a regular basis - Thomas Howe and Gary Kim. They both have their followings, and it's great to see them doing more on the blogging front. I'll certainly be referencing their posts going forward, and I invite you to add them to your blog rolls. I've had Tom's on mine for a while, and will be adding Gary's ASAP.

I'd also like to draw attention to Tom's web page which launched very recently. Aside from blogging, Tom just started a series of self-produced podcasts that explore various facets of VoIP. They're very educational, and I'm just helping to get the word out. Tom is that rare combination of an engineer who understands business, and does a great job of explaining complex concepts in plain English.

If you love data points and trend charts, Gary's blog is for you. Being a publisher, he's got access to lots of current market data, and many of his posts feature nice charts that illustrate trends along with his commentary. My kind of guy!

You can find Tom's blog here, and his website here. And the link to Gary's blog is here.

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