Podcast Updates - From Both Sides of the Mike

Just a quick note about 2 posts about podcasts � one about one of my recent pods, and one about a podcast where I was the guest for a change.

First, during Cisco�s C-Scape Analyst Conference, I was interviewed by Blair Pleasant of COMMFusion. She and I are both contributors to Jim Burton�s Unified Communications Strategies portal. The topic was current trends in UC, so if that�s of interest, you might find this a good listen. It runs about 18 minutes, and you can access it from the UCS portal. If you�re not a member, it just takes a minute to register, and it�s free.

Second, just before the Xmas break, my most recent podcast was with fellow blogger Dan York, who is a great go-to guy for VoIP security. Dan was nice enough to do his own posting about it to the VOIPSA blog page, called Voice of VOIPSA. Thanks Dan � what goes around�

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