The iPhone and the New AT&T - Priceless


Last week, Jeff Pulver cited Steve Smith's "obligatory" iPhone post. I'm probably the only blogger on the planet who hasn't done one yet, but I may be the only blogger who has come up with this imagery!

Think about it. The Cingular brand will soon give way to AT&T, and when the iPhone becomes available - we hope - in June, we'll be looking at Apple and AT&T in business together - priceless, huh?

Kudos to my son, Max, for putting these images together for me. He does good work, so if you need something like this, you know who to call.

Maybe it turns out that the delay in my getting this post up is a good thing, as I think it has even more resonance following the AT&T Unity plan announced on Friday.

That said, I've actually been following the iPhone story pretty closely will be summarizing my take in an upcoming article for a national publication, as well as another venue that I'll update you on shortly.

There are many layers to the iPhone news, and in my mind there are 3 questions that really stick with me:

1. Why announce this now, when it's 6 months away from launching?

2. Why Cingular?

3. Why is Cisco really going after Apple?

I think I've got some new angles to these questions, so stay tuned.

There's another reason why I've used the MasterCard logo concept for this image. Last month, Nokia and Visa announced a partnership where their handsets would have an embedded payment system linked to Visa when scanned at the checkout counter. The mobile wallet concept makes sense, and wouldn't it just be so Web 2.0 for Apple to do the same with MasterCard?

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