Iotum's Talk Now Release - Moving Voice 2.0 Forward

I'm a bit late posting about this, but hey, there's a lot going on this week.

So, Iotum has announced its latest application, called Talk Now. What a great name, huh? Iotum is a good name for a company, although it's hard to tell what they do from the name alone. Well, I think Talk Now is a great name, because it concisely describes what it does, and it's an active phrase that is meaningful to anyone who uses a telephone. Just on the name alone, I think they've hit the mark.

So, what is it? Basically, it extends Presence to the mobile space, namely with Blackberry. While iPhone has taken all the thunder away from the mobile device vendors this week - and short term, hurt their stock prices - RIM is the dominant player in the business mobile messaging market with Blackberry, and of course is making its move into consumer with Pearl.

So, if you can push all the hoopla around iPhone aside for a minute, you'll see a pretty interesting application that Blackberry users will immediately find valuable. With mobile Presence and integration into your directory - as well as your planning calendar - you can achieve a much better success rate of actually speaking to someone when you call them - as in.... Talk Now. Works for me.

I wish I could tell you so first hand, but I can't. I was asked to trial Talk Now, but I only use my Blackberry for data, so I'm not really in their target group. However, the benefit is clear to see, and I think can really help get Iotum on the map.

For more about Talk Now, I'll first steer you a to a terrific review by Oliver Starr in MobileCrunch. Then, fellow blogger Tom Howe's post, and finally to Alec Saunders's view using video on what his company has done with Talk Now.

Whle I've got you, I'd also like to mention that Tom Howe's website has just gone live - quietly - but I expect you'll start seeing some interesting things there soon. Keep an eye out....

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