X Marx the Spot - High Road's Xmas Party

I don't get out like I used to - now that's a blog unto itself - but last night I attended the 10th anniversary party/XMas bash for High Road Communications. They are one of the top tech PR shops in town (Canada actually), and Microsoft Canada is a big part of that.

These parties are always fun, and this one was held in a pretty dimly-lit venue call Nectar. It was a real test for my Nokia N93, and only a few pix turned out well enough to use. Am still feeling my way around this phone, and I've got work to do to get better low light photo results.

So, here's the best of the bunch. I just wanted to say in passing that the media/analyst community is pretty small here, and a number of the people who were at Cisco's Telepresence launch the day before were here too. Small world.


Sarah Spence and David Crow

Thanks Sarah...

Cool bar, huh?


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