Cisco C Scape Conference - Photo/Video Highlights

As mentioned on my post the other day, I wasn't able to upload my photos and video clip of the Cisco analyst conference while I was there. I've got them now, and wanted to share them with you here.

By the way, I should add that my highlights are based on Day 1 of the conference, which was webcast in its entirety. So, the sessions weren't exactly in-camera, and I'm not passing on any scoops or secret strategies here - just in case you were wondering.

Images are courtesy of my Nokia N93, and are best enjoyed in the company of my narrative post about the conference.

Ron Ricci kicking things off...


John Chambers - the hardest working man in the networking business...


And if you want a snippet of how well John Chambers works the crowd, here's how it's done...

Take me out to the ballgame, Mr. Chambers - Cisco's Field of Dreams. Ahh, sir - would you like a router with those fries and Coke???


Charlie Giancarlo - he's funnier than he looks...


Role of the Network session - John Gallant - Network World, Shai Agassi - SAP, Chris Anderson - Wired Magazine, Aber Whitcomb - MySpace, Mike Volpi - Cisco


Mike Volpi telling why QoS is so important...

Impact of Broadband on Media/Entertainment panel: Quentin Hardy - Forbes, Dan Scheinman - Cisco, Kevin Mayer - Disney, George Kliavkoff - NBC Universal


And finally, a few fun shots of how San Ho-Ho-Zay gets into the Christmas spirit. You'd swear they have more snow and ice than we do back in Toronto...





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