Andy Abramson's Working Anywhere Blog Getting Validation

Back in June, Andy Abramson launched a new blog, titled "Working Anywhere", with a focus on the digital lifestyle and working in an untethered world, where constant travel is the norm.

He's continued posting there, and the blog serves as a bit of a primer or guide to living like a "nomad" as Andy would say. Recently, Andy got some nice attention about this lifestyle from a New York Times article, and has since led to a flurry of blog-based commentary and support.

If this describes you, and you want to know the best ways to stay productive and utilize the right tools to get your work done - like SightSpeed for video messaging, Unyte for web conferencing or GrandCentral for VoIP and messaging - you should be following Working Anywhere regularly.

And on a higher level, Andy's initiative - or "project" as he calls it - is a great window on how our notion of work is evolving in the Internet age. It's a new frontier, and Andy is at the vanguard of this as much as anybody.

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